Parrot Rescue Services is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing a safe haven for companion parrots in need of a new home. We provide both long term sanctuary at our shelter and place birds in new homes. To adopt one of our birds you must first volunteer at the rescue, working directly with the birds. The MINIMUM requirement is four visits, one per week. You must be 18 or older to adopt. Many of our birds are older and it takes a commitment of time to gain their trust and allow for a smooth transition to a new home.

Nico was adopted after numerous visits and is doing great in his new home!

     We do adopt to individuals outside of the metro area but you must be willing to visit the shelter. Nico’s new caretaker traveled almost an hour every Friday for over two months to ensure that he was the right fit. Most people who adopt from us volunteer for two to three months before deciding to make the commitment to adopt, and some continue to volunteer after adopting, they find they love the interaction with the birds so much. When you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment of four visits, you may apply to adopt one of the birds.

 Do you need to surrender a bird?

Carmen spent decades inside a homemade cage of chicken wire barely two feet wide with one wooden plank  before entering our sanctuary program and retiring with us

Most of our birds have previously been in good homes, but we also help with neglect and abuse situations, such as with Carmen. If you are in need of surrendering your bird, or if you know of a bird in need of help, please contact us. We have very limited space and take in birds on a first come, first served basis. We do, however, help in emergency situations whenever possible.