Adoption FAQs

Adoption FAQ

Why do you require someone interested in adopting to volunteer?

Many of our birds are in their 20’s, and often have been in only one home. It takes time for these birds to become familiar with a new person. It is our goal to place our birds in a home where a bond can form. Visiting and volunteering is the best way to form that bond. You must be 18 or older to adopt.

Do you adopt to people outside the metro area?

Yes, absolutely! We have had volunteers from as far as Rochester. A commute of two hours and a volunteer shift of two hours a week is a lot, but the minimum amount of time you should spend caring for and socializing your companion parrot is four hours a day.

I don’t have time for a two hour volunteer shift. Can I just meet the requirement by working one eight hour day?

No. The reason for volunteering is so the bird you are interested in becomes familiar with you. It is not about meeting a specific time requirement. Most people who choose to adopt from us don’t feel ready for two to three months. We leave the process fairly open ended to accommodate a variety of schedules, but it does require a commitment of time.

I don’t want to adopt, but I would really like to volunteer and help out. Can I do that?

Yes! We are always looking for new volunteers. Even if you only want to volunteer one day a month, it is still helpful to us. However, you must be 18 or older to volunteer. For more information,  fill out the volunteer form.

                       Your companion bird may be waiting for you in a shelter